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allergies or mold spores
Allergies or Mold Spores?

Mold on wall

Mold on wood substrate

Mold Removal in Michigan

mold contaminationALAM Inc. is comprised of highly experienced technicians in locating potential sources of water intrusion, identifying molds, developing a plan to remove toxic molds and their spores from your property properly and the first time. We remediate residential, commercial and industrial structures and serve the entire state of Michigan.

No matter what type of mold is in your home, your safety depends on the type and size of the contamination. If visual contamination exists or if the mold has gotten into the carpet, insulation, wood, drywall, etc. contact ALAM Inc. and our trained professionals can identify potential mold hazards. While it is impossible to eliminate all mold spores in the indoor environment, mold growth can be controlled indoors by controlling moisture and humidity.

mold-on-drywallMold remediation involves containment of existing mold (so that it does not spread), controlling the air movement, protecting the occupants and technicians from mold, proper disposal of waste materials and most importantly in-depth cleaning of all affected areas. The area being remediated is under a negative pressure containment using polyethylene (plastic) walls and floors and air scrubbers, and the proper use of HEPA filter air filtration machines, treating with EPA registered anti-microbials and use of fungicidal protective coating.


We use a wide variety of sophisticated field tools such as handheld moisture meters, remote infra- red video inspection, real-time temperature & humidity devices, and a variety of special microbial sampling instruments to collect bulk, air, dust, and swab samples for laboratory analysis of viable and non-viable molds. We use these devices to help sample and identify the types of mold and the extent of mold contamination.

We offer a free on-site visual assessment w/ photos and determine a probable cause for the mold contamination and water intrusion, as well as recommendations for remediation.

mold-removalFor a fee we will collect samples, create a detailed report to record all environment data, deliver samples to a 3rd. party for laboratory analysis from an accredited analytical company and provide recommendations for remediation.

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